Socialization of Scientific Publications 2019

Cooperating with RISTEKDIKTI

Module 1 – Improved Management of Research and Scientific Publication in 2019

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Hanief Arief, ST, MAP

Download here.


Module 2 – Administration of University Books

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ir. Suminar Setiati Achmadi, M.Sc.

Download here.


Module 3 – Conference

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ir. Wasmen Manalu, PhD

Download here.


Module 4 – Publication of Scientific Journal and Access to Kemenristekdikti E-Resources

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lukman,

Download here : 1. E-Resources, 2. Publication of Scientific Journal Guideline, 3. Publication Ethics


Module 5 – Academic Writing for International Publication

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Siddarth Chandra

Download here.